HIGNA ASC / Business meetings 2019/20



Discussion Topics/Agenda December 30th 2020

Agenda-Issue-Discussion-Topics-ASC-December 30th 2020

New Information and Guidelines page for review, P/W is – draftof2020

Couple of possible alternatives for group reports and ASC Minutes?
1, HIGNA Group Report Form Template as  a downloadable file, this one is in MS word but could be converted to a pdf format
2, HIGNA Group Report Form Template as an embedded Google form page that produces a save or print result that looks like this  Test result 
Update to item 2 above: This form in now associated to a unique HIGNA Gmail account that can be forwarded to other emails for processing. 

New Speaker page for review – HIGNA Speaker Library

Discussion Topics/Agenda October 26th  2020
Agenda-Issue-Discussion-Topics-ASC-October 26th 2020 pdf
HIGNA Balance sheet 24-10-2020 pdf
Working draft amendments for the HIGNA guidelines page pdf
Highlands & Islands Groups of NA Website Analytics Report October 2020 pdf


Discussion Topics/Agenda August 26th  2020

Agenda-Issue-Discussion-Topics-ASC-August 26th 2020

Discussion Topics/Agenda June 29th  2020
Agenda-Issue-Discussion-Topics-ASC-June 29th 2020
Recent email communications with UK Region
HIGNA Balance sheet updated 25th June 2020

Full Meeting Readings pdf 

Virtual Guidelines r1 pdf 

Discussion Topics/Agenda April 26th 2020
Agenda issue discussion topics ASC 26th April 2020

Ad Hoc ASC Business meeting March 29th 2020

HIGNA Proposal to bring online Narcotics Anonymous Meetings into facilitiesPDF
Proposal to bring online Narcotics Anonymous Meetings into facilities (generic) docx 
HIGNA Balance sheet updated 03-2020 xlsx 

HIGNA ad Hoc ASC 29-03-2020minutes
Distance Sponsorship 2018 updated July NEW 2020

Discussion topics/agenda/reports etc February ASC  2020:

Agenda-Issue-Discussion-Topics-ASC-FEB-2020 (final) 
Can groups submitting a report please do so via email to asc@higna.org.uk by the Friday before the business meeting. Many thanks S x 

Motion 10 ” To direct the WB to create a project plan for consideration at WSC 2022 to create a guide for online meetings.” discussion with the maker the Latin American Zonal Forum from the 2020  CAR workshop held by the NEZF  (mp3)

HIGNA ASC Report/Minutes Feb 2020  (to be approved)



Discussion topics/agenda/reports etc December ASC  2019:

Agenda-Issue-Discussion-Topics-ASC-December-2019 (updated to year end)
First Annual HIGNA ASC Report 2019
Comparison of costs for Basic Texts from UKSO & ESO
2020 CAR pdf 

Discussion topics/agenda/reports etc October ASC  2019:

HIGNA PI letter DRAFT (Proposal)  September 29th 2019 
HIGNA H&I  letter DRAFT (Proposal)  September 29th 2019 
Online Meetings Webinar Response From Steve A  August 28th 2019 
Chronology of Online (Web) meetings listed by NAWS 2003 to 2010
UKNA Region Minutes July 2019 
UKNA Post Region Reports July 2019 
Sept 2019 Online Meetings Combined Notes with Spanish

Discussion topics/agenda/reports etc August ASC 2019:
Agenda-Issue discussion topics August 2019 
ASC Report/Minutes August 2019 

Post region report May 2019
UK RSC Minutes May 2019 – Approved

IPBUL1-proposed revisions for CP review 0819 clean
Track change version of IPB for CP review 0819
Proposed Changes to the FIPT Op Rules for CP review 0819
Questions and Resolution Statement to the WSC about FIPT Bulletin 1 amendment
(All proposed amendments and revisions in the 4 pdf’s above are highlighted in red)

Discussion topics/agenda/reports etc June ASC 2019
Approved RSC minutes March 2019

Discussion topics/Agendas/Reports etc: April ASC 2019 

Acting RCM Report from Jersey Region March 2019
Highlands and Islands Area Service Committee Draft Region Report May 2019 Unapproved
HIGNA Balance sheet 23/04/20  
Highlands and Islands Area Service Committee Region Report May 2019 Approved 

Post Region Report – March 2019
Action List – March 2019


Highlands and Islands Online Area Service Committee Region Report January 2019 Approved
Highlands and Islands Online Acting RCM Post Region Report January 2019 RSC 
Highlands and Islands Area Service Committee Region Report March 2019 (Approved) 

 ASC  meeting Agenda/ issue discussion topics ,  February 2019   (updated 22-02-2019)

Action List – January 2019

HIGNA Balance sheet 22.02.2019   

Proposed Motions from HIGNA ASC for RSC March 2019 DRAFT

HIGNA ASC email Correspondence with NAWS Re Area Registration submission January 2019

Highlands & Islands Group of NA Business meeting discussion topics , January 2019

Group Reports:

Tuesday 7pm  February 2019 (Updated)