Online meetings in the US

  • Below is a list of online and outreach meetings in the the United States:
    (If you know of more groups running online meetings in the US please let us know and we can add them here)

Please note that US times are EST -5 hrs UK, CST -6 hrs UK, MST -7 hrs UK and PST-8 hrs UK
So for example 7pm EST would be 12 Midnight UK Time 

Wednesdays: 7:00PM (CST) Stay ay Home NA Group of Madison and meets via zoom at (C, LIT)
First Friday of the Month:  8:30pm (CST) Stay ay Home NA Group of Madison and meets via zoom at

Thursdays: 7:00pm (EST) Clean and Crazy Never Alone Group of Lexington,

Never Alone Group Deaf Meeting : 
Thursdays: 7pm CST  (1 am UK time) and meets via zoom at

Saturdays at 11am CST (5 pm UK time) and also meets via zoom

These meetings  use voice interpretation and sign ASL (American sign language).
This is a closed meeting but all addicts are welcome. 

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