Group News

“Group News”

  • The next Highlands and Islands Area Business meeting  will be held on Wednesday  26th of August 2020 in the Wednesday 1pm meeting room  @ 2:00pm (UK) Agenda is now available on the ASC page. If you require the access code for this page please email 

  • For those in the UK the UK Service office will be open on Wednesadys to process literature orders please see  for more details.
  • The HIGNA Group Guidelines page has been updated and now has two new informational videos in the ‘How our meetings work’ Section on how to access Bluejeans on PC’s and Android devices for the first time   

  • New LGBT Meeting (non-restrictive) Starting Monday March 23rd 7:00 pm UK

  • Clean time Key Tags are now available to distribute by post to our isolated members via the Contact Us page of this website, please announce in meetings.
  • Informational flyers about the Highlands & Islands group are available to download in both jpg (HERE)  and  pdf format (HERE) for printing , email  or web posting  etc. The pdf version has links embedded to the appropriate pages of  the website.
  •  HIGNA PI cards available for printing and distribution FRONTBACK  limited numbers of printed cards are available for distribution by HIGNA Members and  other Areas, please contact us at for details.
  • The HIGNA ASC page is frequently updated with approved RSC minutes  and new information for the attention of ASC members. If you require the access code for this page please email 

“News from other online groups “

  • !!NEW Loving Our Longtimers Meeting!!

    Fridays at 10:30pm UK Time on Bluejeans
    (to see international start times this meeting is listed on

  • If you have information about or news from other Online or Phoneline meetings please let us know and we can put it here. 

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