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Australian Online Meetings

For more information about NA in Australia  please go to NA Australia 

Please note that all the NA at Home meetings have now moved to the new Bluejeans platform.

To attend online simply click the meeting name on the day you wish to attend from the list below and follow the links.

Information on how to attend via phone is below.

Day Group Name Bluejeans  ID No/Skype name Time     –      Duration
Sunday Just For Today (#) 926266442 7pm (AETD)  60 min
Sunday Living Clean (#) 631374919 9pm (AEDT)  90 min
Living with Long Term Recovery 
Just For Today (#)
611333554 (Now on Bluejeans)
7pm (AEDT) 60 min
9pm (AEDT)  60 min
Basic Text Study (#)
Just For Today (#)
7pm (AEDT)  60 min
9pm (AEDT)  60 min
Women’s Meeting
Steps (#}


7pm (AEDT) 60 min
9pm (AEDT)  60 min
It Works How & Why
Just For Today (#}
7pm (AEDT) 60 min
9pm (AEDT)  60 min
Friday Speaker Meeting (#) 523140721 9pm (AEDT)  60 min
Ask it Basket (#)
Steps & Traditions(#)
7:pm (AEDT)  60 min
9pm (AEDT)  60 min

(#) Denotes CLOSED meeting. Closed Narcotics Anonymous meetings are only for addicts or those who think they might have a drug problem.

Please note that the Australian  meetings are listed at Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)
To find what the time difference is between Sydney (AEDT) and your location please go HERE  (Opens a new tab) to see the UK times for these meetings, by following the links below each meeting you can set the meeting start times in your location anywhere in the world

If you don’t have an internet connection, you can also attend these meetings by telephone.
(Below is a list of some of the more common locations)

United Kingdom  0203.608.5256

Australia (Adelaide) (08) 7070 8060
Australia (Brisbane) (07) 3123 4461
Australia (Melbourne) (03) 8400 4256
Australia (Perth) (08) 6365 4437
Australia (Sydney) (02) 8103 4256

US (Chicago) +1.312.216.0325
US (San Jose) +1.408.317.9254
US (Alternate Number) +1.408.317.9253

For a full list of Bluejeans access numbers for over 40 countries please go HERE  (Opens an external webpage in a new tab)
Simply dial the number applicable to your location and follow the prompts to enter the Bluejeans meeting ID number  for the meeting you wish to attend, which can be found on the list above.

Calls to these numbers are charged at the applicable rate set by you Telephone Service Provider.

Please try to call from a room with minimal background noise, or alternatively use a telephone with a mute button in order to avoid background noise while members are sharing.

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