What are we?

The Highlands and Islands groups are a mix of Open and Closed meetings of Narcotics Anonymous who meet online on a weekly basis as indicated on our Meetings List.

Open: Denotes that all are welcome to attend the meeting but sharing is restricted to only those who identify as addicts.

Closed: Denotes that the meeting is only for those who identify as addicts.

If you are a non-addict or professional wishing to attend a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous please click HERE for more information.

In line with our Traditions all our groups are autonomous and meet using a wide variety of formats. Those formats include Speaker/Share meetings, Step study discussion, Just For Today topic discussion, Living Clean the Journey Continues topic discussion, Ask it Basket topic discussion, In Times of Illness, Women’s and LGBT groups.

Many of our Groups support the signing of attendance verification slips so please ask the members doing service at the individual meetings for details on how to do this. 

What Is the Narcotics Anonymous Program?

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